“HD detect Imminent” Failure Issue

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Following Error shows on my PC:

1. 1720-SMART Hard Drive detects imminent failure.

2. Failing Drive: PATA Device 0

3. Failing Attribute: 01

HD detect Imminent Failure

4. To minimize the risk of data loss, backup the contents of your hard drive and run DPS Self-test in F10

 Is there any solution as a result of F-10 pressing nothing happen?

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“HD detect Imminent” Failure Issue


Before trying to repair the hard drive I recommend using one of these options to back up your data this way if the hard drive crashes you will have all your data that can be used With the new drive.

Option 1:

If the system still boots up you will need some imaging software like ghost 11. With imaging software does, it makes exact Clone of your hard drive copying everything if your operating system is corrupt it will try to repair your operating system as it clones. It is going to copy exactly what is on your hard drive if you have programs that are corrupt are if the operating system is corrupt it still going to copy the hard drive. Once you burn the data to a DVD are copied to another hard drive. When you put the image on a new or the old drive you will have to run the system defrag and repair any errors that any of your programs had

Option 2:

Here is free imaging software Drive Image XML V2.22 software is the XML-based it will copy hard drive to hard drive the problem with this software is that the drive that you are imaging can be the same size as a new drive. But if the imaging drive is bigger than your new drive it will not work.
Option 3:

Replace the hard drive with a new drive. Set the new drive as master and install the operating system after that is done set the old drive as slave in this way you be able to copy all your files over to your new drive providing the old drive still works. If you do not have space put your old hard drive inside of a USB enclosure.

Option 4:

You can also backup your important data to a thumb drive

Option 5:

If you have network access you could try backing up all your data to a network drive are tape backup.
Only use these next choices as a last resort they will stress your hard drive to the Max and possibly the drive will stop working altogether

Option A:

You can use this free software Virtual Lab Data Recovery will find and try to retrieve files and data from bad sectors on your hard drive it will also retrieve data from deleted files and if that does not work you can send your drive to a company that specializes in data recovery of bad hard drives you can find these companies by searching Google are Yahoo

Option B:

You can also use this free software Hiren's it has hard drive repair utilities. With this utility you can do a hard drive stress test. This test will check your hard drive read /write and seek time errors

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“HD detect Imminent” Failure Issue


S.M.A.R.T means Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology.

In this case your hard disk has been failing. It means your Hard disk is not fully damaged it is been damaged. So you are losing your data. Firstly you must backup your all data before it gets worst.

After that, download a diagnostics tool from your hard disk manufacture. Download it to a floppy disk. And run it when the computer gets started. Several times you have to do this. Your hard drive should get recover.  

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