Having trouble while opening CSK hdf5 ScanSAR Wide mode L1A imagery

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Hi all.

I am having trouble while trying to open CSK hdf5 ScanSAR Wide mode L1A imagery (https://sentinel.esa.int/web/sentinel/toolboxes) and I'm receiving the error attached below. I am able to open CSK hdf5 Strip Map L1A imagery successfully. So I need to know what is causing the error in opening this data. I would be grateful for any assistance about this issue.

The error says that this problem is linked with the metadata but the imagery can easily be viewed in other HDF viewers without facing a problem.  I am unable to process it in these other viewers.


NEST DAT – Error      
An exception occurred:      
Type: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException      
Message: data array size does not match 'gridWidth' x 'gridHeight'

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Having trouble while opening CSK hdf5 ScanSAR Wide mode L1A imagery

  1. This is the most common error that occurs while using the CSK hdf5. Because the users are not familiar with few terms to use the software. So they get caught with the error.
  2. The NEST is not compatible with all of the versions of the COSMO Scan formats. There is a reason for that but let’s keep it simple for you. You can also see the Supported products documentation form on their website.
  3. These COSMO products need a thorough inspection before they are completely launched into practical application so you have to take some trial test first.
  4. There is a new version 2012 is going to release soon. Look at its documentation because I have seen over the internet that it will support most of the formats that the old version is not capable of.


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