Having problems with server IP.

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Hi there!

I have a question about website hosting using Windows VPS. I have been using Shared Hosting for quite some time but then my website eventually got bigger and Shared Hosting isn’t helping much in terms of speed.

I then decided to get Windows Virtual Dedicated Server from www.godaddy.com, and it said that the Virtual Dedicated Server must be used with one website only.Now, I have already installed Apache 2.2; PHP 5; and MySQL 5. I have also been able to view my website using the Virtual Dedicated Server IP.

My concern is at the Domain Manager, I am asked to fill nameserver.

I was wondering if I could just use my static Virtual Dedicated Server IP or if there’s a different step I should do altogether.

I am looking forward to your response. Thank you. 

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Having problems with server IP.


Hello Veronica,

Using your static virtual server dedicated IP address will mean that you can only run the site on your computer in an offline mode and  therefore you will just need to get windows virtual dedicated server which will mean that your website will be placed on a remote host so that you can be able to access it anywhere on the internet.

But if you still need to edit the website and you also think that you are not ready to put it in the public domain then you might just use the localhost which will allow you to see changes that you make on the website because you will be able to execute as if it was running online.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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Having problems with server IP.


Webhosting needs a constant and not changing IP Address. You'll going to need Static IP Address to make the settings not changeable. By subscribing to this type of Internet protocol, you'll go to get a dedicated IP Address from your Internet Service Provider.

Assigned this Static IP Address to run the Windows Virtual Dedicated server that needed for bigger bandwidth. You can manage and resources, customize virtual environments and visor solutions. By getting this dedicated server, you'll be flexible and more reliable in terms of security. Because this can isolate due to the availability clustered solutions.

You will be having a dedicated computer in a network used only for network servers. You will get an exclusive computer that provides services or domain name. It is therefore the main source of all data stored and is considered as the data center of the host company.

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