Having problem with running Assertion on 8 Cores

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Hi experts,

My PC is a Dual-Quad Xeon @ 1.8 GHz 8 Cores, running win 7 Ultimate x64, 16GB of RAM, ATI HD 5600 1GB and I have a problem with running some games. I did some researches on the internet and I found that some games have some problems to run with 8 cores. Is not a good deal to disable 4 cores to run games. Anyone can help me please to fix this error and play the games properly ?

Thank you !

Assertion message

Assertion failed !!! =8-O


Condition: (m_MainHeader.m_SectorAlignment) % m_SectorSize

== 0

Press Abort to close the application Press Retry to debug the application Press Ignore to proceed with execution

Avbryt FrsOk igen !gnorera

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Having problem with running Assertion on 8 Cores


I think with those computer specifications you have, you will have problems running games or even software for that matter. We all know that the accuracy of programs when comes to not generating errors has a big influence on the processor’s speed. This is also the reason why old games that run normally on for example Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows 98 will not run on fast computers.

But not all games are like this. It only happens to speed sensitive games and other games. One good example is the game Moto Racer that I have. It works perfectly and playable on Pentium 1 or Pentium 2 running Windows 95 until Windows Millennium. But when I tried playing it again on Windows XP running on Pentium 4 3.06 GHz with Hyper Threading, the game still works but is not already playable.

The processor is too fast already for the game because I can no longer control the speed of the bike because it’s too fast already for a normal user. It’s like a jet fighter for God’s sake. I can no longer do the right turns. With the kind of processor you have, it will still work on different games but will surely exhibit problems in case a game is sensitive to speed.

Different errors like this one should be expected and if this happens then you should know your computer is too fast for it. In the case of your game, you should check again if your system is compatible with the game you installed. If the game is 100 percent compatible with your computer and the problem is still the same, another way of dealing with the speed problem is to open as much applications as you can while running the game simultaneously.

This will surely put a drag on your processor because it is now processing too many applications at the same time while you are playing your game. This is the technique I used in Moto Racer to make the computer a little bit slower.

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