Having problem with hotmail on firefox

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Hello! Good Day!

I can’t access my Hotmail email on Firefox 3.6.18. Through www.hotmail.com. Once I get to my inbox, there is no response on clicking on anything.  "Sign out" is enabled, Contacts, Home, and Calendar as well.  A new version of Firefox is dogged with the same problem.

Internet Explorer works just fine but I prefer Firefox.

Can anyone guide me please…

Thank you…

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Having problem with hotmail on firefox

Try uninstalling your Firefox installation and get the newest version. Do a fresh installation of it and make sure you don’t have any Add-ons installed then test if you can access Hotmail. If you can, then it most likely was caused by one of your Add-ons.
If you have NoScript on your Firefox installation, make sure that the Hotmail website has its scripts allowed so that the website will be displayed properly and nothing would be blocked. This may very well be the cause of the problem that you have right now.
Thank you. Hope it helps.
Clair june
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Having problem with hotmail on firefox


Yeah some times Hotmail not open in Mozilla Firefox. Please visit this link. One solution is to run the browser in safe mode all time second is to reinstall the browsers because some times cache is to create the problems.


Still working from Internet Explorer, I started to check the browser connection settings. And was quickly able to come up with a solution which might work for you.

Start Internet Explorer and go to Tools -> Internet Options.

Now move to the "Advanced" tab and scroll down to the HTTP 1.1 settings section. Uncheck Use HTTP 1.1 and check Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections. Now click on the Apply button and then the OK button.

Close all browser windows and start the program again. Type www.hotmail.com and yippee! It works! If it doesn't you may need to restart the computer.

Note #1: This solution might not work for you because the same problem of "Hotmail page does not open" can be because of a different reason not connected to HTTP 1.1 settings at all. I suggest you first troubleshoot your problem; refer the steps above on how I concluded that it must be the net settings of my system which are causing such headaches. But yes, I would definitely like to know more about your specific issue. Send me a mail and I do promise spending a little time on it.


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