Having Difficulties In Transcending Memory Card Error Or Anything

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Hi, my cell phone got destroyed as it fell off from the rooftop and now my memory card has got some error and my system is not able to read it appropriately. If it gets read, then it does not open all the files. How to transcend memory card error as it contains some useful documents.

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Having Difficulties In Transcending Memory Card Error Or Anything


I guess, your memory card got corrupted due to the sudden fall that is why your system is not reading it. I hope you would have tried to transcend memory card error by formatting as soon as it gets recognized. But in case, if formatting is also not helping if it contains your useful documents then here comes the solution.

You should go for a few software available such as Recuva, Photo recovery software, etc. But the most recommended software for this kind of problem would be Photo recovery software. It helps in recovering all your damaged and lost data from your card and helps you in getting your lost documents too to the fullest rather than Recuva as it helps in getting only 60% of data without damaged ones. It is compatible with both the windows and mac and also restores all your deleted files.

You have to just download the software and run it as a normal one and it will help you in recovering all your lost data. Then, you can format your memory card as keeping files in it can cause this kind of failure again.

But, make sure you don’t get the demo version as it will give only the preview of your lost data. You have to avail the full licensed version to get all your data. Here’s how you can use this software

A) Download the Photo recovery software and then install it. After installing, launch the program to start the recovery process.

B) Connect the memory card to the system so that it could be recognized and it will automatically detect the device once plugged into the system.

C) Click on the scan button and select the type of files you want to recover and then tap recover to get your data.

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