Have any tips to rectify iPhone?

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Hello experts,

I tried and then I now owned my very first computer company. I have some company certificate and resources. However, I have competitors from within my area so I am nervous. And it seems that most of the clients are using smartphones and they need to change their displays. There is a great price comparison on different displays so I want to know which resources is great for alternative displays and other parts. What is the rate and any other important information for this. I need something particularly for iPhone.


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Have any tips to rectify iPhone?



Here I am to assist you in solving this problem.

First of all, I want to give the sources of any parts of iPhone products that you can get. You can just click on ETrade site on Google. There, various parts of any phones seem available. The prices are affordable and the parts can be delivered via postage. You just click on parts that you want, the pay them by using credit card, Paypal or even your debit card. Another website that's similar to ETrade is ifixit.

In order to change the display of any iPhone products or any smart phones, you just need to use your three fingers to tap on screen. Then, the display will pull out easily. Then, you can change that broken display with the one that you buy from any resources. You can just put it on.

That's all.



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Have any tips to rectify iPhone?


Try this site here: https://globaldirectparts.com/


And be careful when looking online for spare smartphone parts. There are a lot of companies that will take advantage of you.

Also, a good rate to start off at would be between $15 to $20 an hour. You can definitely be competitive with any price in your area (since you have zero competition), so you could even charge as little as $10 an hour and still make enough money to grow. 


My biggest tip to you would be find a source of parts that you can establish a good relationship with, offering the lowest prices as well. That means find a wholesaler once you are making enough money. 


Once you have an inventory already stocked up, you could raise your rates a little bit. Because you will own the market, the first thing to do is to establish a good marketing plan. Make sure people know you are there before they just ha[pen to drive by and see it.

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