There is a problem with my pulse peripherals xbox360?

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Hello experts,

There is a problem with my pulse peripherals xbox360? When I plug it the wireless controller in my gadget and it always dropped every 5 minutes. How can I connect to the internet properly if it drops every minute? I just want to make things clear to resolve this problem.


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There is a problem with my pulse peripherals xbox360?



Dear Emaily

I understand that you are having problems with your xbox360 wireless controllers that can’t have a steady connection

Well this could be caused by many reasons:

–       such as the battery is weak and needs replacements or the rechargeable battery peak need to be charged

–       Also if you tried to connect a wired controller and it is working fine then the reason could be wireless interference (means objects placed between the console and the controlled that might affects  the wireless controller because they use wireless connections Microwaves, wireless routers, cordless phones, that’s why you need to remove these objects)

–       Or it could be something wrong with the controller itself and it need to be repaired

Solutions to try

–       Turn off your console, wait a minute, turn it on again and try

In case you don’t have a researchable battery pack

–       Put new batteries to your controller

In Case you have a researchable battery pack

–       Remove it from the controller and attach it again properly

–       The press and hold the guide button on the left side of the controller to make sure If the battery is low or high if it is low charge it

In Case you have the play and charge kit

–       Make sure it is connected to your controller

–       Try your controller with another USB port, if it has the same issue then use any other accessory with this port, and if it doesn’t work then there is a problem with the console itself and it needs to be repaired

–       If the USB ports works fine but still facing same issue

If you play games with feedback while the controller charges it take longer time and it might drain the battery pack so you need to turn the controller vibration:

–       On the controller press guide button, then click on settings, then preferences, then vibration and clear the enable vibration checkbox

Sometimes connecting many controllers or headsets can cause the problem

–       Disconnects all the controllers or the headsets ( if you have any) and connect only the controller with the problem

If none of these solutions work then your controller need to be repaired

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