Hard drive capacity is reduced

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I have a 2nd internal hard drive 160 GB formatted my pc . After installing Windows XP ,, my drive E does not open and gives me a message to format. I formatted and it opens but its capacity is 31 GB. I do not know why. If you can give me the solution please and thank you in advance.

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Hard drive capacity is reduced


You can have only one part of the hard disk with format that appears. The rest of the space is now secret. To solve this problem, click right in team(equipment)-> to Administer-> select 'administration of discs' in the right panel.
It should see 'not assigned Space' in the disc that does not show itself the whole space that it has.
To create a new division or logical unit(unity) of a basic disc:

  1. To create the division in the not assigned 'space' do the not assigned space and, next, click in new division.
  2. In the Assistant for new division, click in following and again following.
  3. There specifies the size of the division in the size of the division in MB box (if he(she) wants to divide the space in the number of division or to leave it how is life if he(she) wants to realize a division) and, next, click in following.
  4. To decide if manually to assign a unit(unity) letter, accent that the system determines automatically the unit(unity) and, next, it should click in following.
  5. To specify the options of format that he(she) wants to use by means of one of the following procedures:

    • or if he(she) does not want to format the division, click in not formatting this division and, next, click in following.
    • or if he(she) wants to format the division, click in formatting this division with the following configuration and, next, realize the following procedure in the picture of dialogue of format:

      • Write that a name for the volume in the picture labels of volume. This is an optional step.
      • Click in the system of files (NTFS / FAT32) that he(she) wants to use in the file system picture.
      • Select the pigeonhole of cross-check 'Rapid format'.
  6. Click in following.
  7. Confirm that the chosen options are correct and, next, click in Finishing.

    • You will see a new unit(unity) when it struck the team(equipment) in the menu I initiate.
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Hard drive capacity is reduced


Hello Brad Adams,

Your hard drive could have been hidden after you did the formatting and therefore you will need to restore it. You will need to use the computer management utility to trace the hard drive and restore it. Use the following procedure:

  • On your computer, go to start and the type computer management in the search box.
  • Press enter on the keyboard to open the computer management window.
  • When the window opens, look for disk management and then click on it.
  • A list of the drives will be listed, trace your hard disk drive from here and the format.
  • Be careful not to format the drive that has the operating system.

That should help you restore the missing hard drive.

Mahesh Babu

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