My laptop touchpad is too sensitive

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I am running Windows 7 on my Acer laptop and I want to disable by touchpad since it is too sensitive. I have tried different options but it does not work properly. Instead, it runs the cursor all over the screen making it completely unusable. Now I want to completely disable it or reduce its sensitivity but I cannot do any. I have also reinstalled drivers but it does not work. Please help.

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My laptop touchpad is too sensitive

Sometimes the control of mouse you have to change. So,you can follow the steps:
1. First go to window menu.
2. Then click on Control Panel
3. If you have large icons you do not get mouse option.So, click on view by options and select small icons. 
4. Then click on mouse menu.A new pop window came where you can see sensitivity option.Then click on it.
5. Now you can adjust you mouse sensitivity.
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My laptop touchpad is too sensitive


There are laptops that include a button on the side of the touchpad that disables or deactivates the touchpad itself like with my sister’s Acer Aspire laptop. When you press the button, the touchpad will stop working even if you touch it. Pressing the button again will activate the touchpad.

Now, if your laptop doesn’t have this button, another way to deactivate the touchpad is in the mouse settings in the Control Panel. Click “Start”, “Control Panel” then select “Mouse”. In the “Mouse Properties” window, go to “TouchPad” or “ClickPad” tab or something similar. On the next screen, there should be an option to enable or disable the touchpad. It can be a button or a checkbox.

Select or check the option to disable the touchpad then click “OK”. Once the touchpad is disabled, you need a mouse to navigate within Windows. Note: the “TouchPad” tab in the mouse settings will only appear if there is a touchpad installed on your computer like in the case of a laptop.

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