Hard Disk Error when opening Applications

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I start my computer it is working properly but when I open any program then I receive an error that window feel hard drive detection problem then I restart my computer then I double click at Word file but same error appears again.

All detail of error is given below. Please tell me its reason and solution.

Windows detected a hard drive problem.

A hard drive error occurred while starting the application.


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Hard Disk Error when opening Applications



You are getting this fake hard drive message from the hard drive diagnostic tool. You may also get an option to fix the problem as well where they will ask you to pay in order to fix this issue. It is a spyware/malware. You can use certain tools to fix this issue like malware bytes. You can download & install the same from this link https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/malwarebytes-anti-malware/. Once installed follow the onscreen instructions.

The spyware/malware may also hide all your important files documents, etc. You can unhide all of them by just simply downloading and installing the software unhide.exe from this link http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/grinler/unhide.exe

If you experience any issues then please do update with the status.


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Hard Disk Error when opening Applications


This could be a virus misleading info but could also be a possible disk problem error. Try doing a full system scan to check your computer for unwanted malwares. If you are sure your computer is clean, then most likely, this error is due to a failing cluster in your hard drive. You can do a thorough surface test on your drive if your hard drive’s file system is using FAT32 (Windows’ scandisk is not that reliable in scanning and patching bad clusters).

That is if you also know how to navigate well in DOS environment. But if you are not familiar in using DOS, including entering some commands in the DOS prompt such as dir, for example, then try searching the internet for a disk utility that can scan your hard drive’s surface for errors.

But for me, if your hard drive is beginning to have bad clusters, better to replace it with a new one. You can still use it as your data disk or Adobe Photoshop’s scratch disk. Using a hard drive that is about to fail will put all your valuable data in an unsecured container.

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Hard Disk Error when opening Applications



Yes, this is an error occurred that your system or device is either corrupted, you are infected with a virus, or the hard disk is defective.

The only way to find out what originates the cause is to try to run the program in safe mode.

Restart your computer to boot in to the SAFE MODE. Press either ESC key, Tab or Delete key in your keyboard.

If the problem persist then your system is corrupted.

The other option is to Check the Hard Drive to be  tested in other computer. If it has the same problem, then you need to replace the H. D. D.

There are many ways to detect what causes the failure of the system device and hardware, but sometimes this problem are difficult to understand. Don't just try to hush yourself with the problem. Just try to figure it to the device one up to the other and compare it.

If there are any unusual in comparison, then you might know what the main problem is.



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