How to create copies of Music Cds in ISO format

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I've been trying to create ISO images of my music CDs so I can create a back up to my hard drive. I wanted to make a copy of the CD, save it to my computer and burn it to another CD using a CD emulation program. Why is this not possible with Windows 8?

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How to create copies of Music Cds in ISO format


Hi there Barbara, if you wish to make CD images of your music you may follow the following steps, some Software has this problem like some of the Nero versions. You will need to do as follows to get a perfect ISO 

First things first, you will need to download BurnAware, there is a paid version and a freeware version you can use, the freeware version will do just fine. You may download the program on their official website here at

The music CDs you wish to make an image of, you will first need to copy your music CD to your computer, all the tracks on the CD.

You can now open BurnAware, select make ISO you will be announced to 3 options you need to select ISO 9660.

They will ask you now to add files, on the far right you will find a green plus icon, click it now and go to the folder you made where your music is stored, select the Music Cd tracks there and add them it will look like this once done.

You can now click the big red button called MAKE enter your cd name and store it under any folder you wish. After this you can delete the Cd you copied to the computer as you will have a 100% perfect backup. 

And that is really all to it, once you wish to make your back up you can return to Burn Aware and select burn image, then select your CD and click burn.

If the images seem to small please hold Ctrl while scrolling the mouse wheel up to enlarge the page.

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