No Internet Connection with my Modem

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I'm not used to have this kind of problem with my modem before, because when I already reached my desktop it will only take 2 minutes for the loading of the internet connection, then I can easily get connected with the internet so good. The problem now? Is when I already reached the Windows 7 Desktop I don't see any signal bars in my modem, its totally zero. I can't say that it is due to internet connection because I have a neighbour that we are using same ISP and it all works fine to her.

I tried to unplug the modem and leave it turned of for one min and plug it again, but it doesn't resolve the issue. Then if I try to run yahoo messenger's troubleshooter it says something about the DNS thingy.

Well I noticed that after around 15 minutes, I can get a blinking one bar then after another 15 minutes I'm totally connected. But I know there's something wrong, right? Any ideas?

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No Internet Connection with my Modem


Hi Marge,

I have read the issue about the internet connection that you have. Well there are a lot of reasons why it will be working intermittently or on and off. There can be an issue with the ISP as well. If your neighbour is not having issues, it doesn’t really mean that the internet will work fine on your end.

There are different poles to which the connections are weird. It can be that the pole where yours is connected is having issues or it can also be that the devices is the one causing the problem but we can just isolate the issue before calling your ISP.

1. We need to check the cables connected to your devices.

2. If you have a modem and a wireless router, we need to turn off both the devices including the computer.

3. Leave it off for 30 seconds and then the first device that we need to turn on is the modem, when the modem is totally rebooted, turn the wireless router on and the computer afterwards.

4. If the signals that you are having issues with, is pertaining to the wireless signal that you are seeing at the lower right side of the screen, so this could be that the wireless router that you are using needs to be configured, if you’re using wireless.

5. If you are not using a wireless router, so we need to check the speed of the connection by going to this site and then click "begin test"

6. In this way, we can also check if the problem is related with the speed that you have.

7. You need to know what is the speed provisioned with the connection that you have through your ISP, then compare it with the speed that you will get from the speed test site

8. If the speed is Ok that means that the problem is the computer

9. If the speed is low that means that it’s the ISP issue with slow speed

10. If you’re using the wireless router and the signal is weakening, so we need to know what router are you using so we can check the configuration of the wireless in it, but you can also check the configuration to the internet like the channels

These are all the isolation process that we need to check so we can eventually know what the issue is and what are the things we need to do to isolate the issue. I hope that somehow I had answered your question about the issue.

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No Internet Connection with my Modem


Hi! Good day .

In this kind of issue you need to check the entire cable wire connection called UTP cable wire. Next check the PIN of RJ45 if it is dirty you must need to clean that by using small Flat screw. Check the LAN card of the computer, and if you have extra LAN card try to replace old LAN card,  and insert new LAN card. Hope this option will work, by the way don't forget to check your modem also.

Thank you. And have a nice day.

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