Earphone problem in apple ipod.

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I have an Apple IPOD shuffle model. Only one earphone of the earphones are working for IPOD but for other electronic devices like cell phone and PC both the earphones are working. Do you have any idea of the problem? Please reply. I think it is a hardware problem. Can I solve it?  If it is a hardware problem, where can it be repaired because it is Apple.
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Earphone problem in apple ipod.



Hi There,
Well, this is a common problem that will occur with most of the earphone users and can have many reasons. There could be multiple reasons for this. Firstly this can happen when some pirated version of song is played. Secondly, when some unknown song format is played. Thirdly, when the ear phone device cannot connect properly inside etc..
It can also happen when you connect with other device which you rarely use. But as you know, the 3.5 mm jack is same for all devices. So it must not be a problem. Earphone can never be repaired as you know. So, this problem can be solved in a variety of ways, by not playing pirated versions. Please look for any of the reasons above or there is always a reset button. You can try it. Any one of them should work. In case it is still a problem please let us know.

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