Hard to connect Skype network from my mobile phone

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I have my new phone, and was so excited to use Skype. I open the Wifi and  upon connecting it, error interrupted.

It stated that it doesn't have network connection; ordered to check my setting first before trying again. I was confused since I can connect to the internet with the other application, only Skype has trouble connecting.

Please help.

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Hard to connect Skype network from my mobile phone


Good day,

I suggest that you make sure, first that your connection is not engaging any trouble. Also your firewall, please check if this might be the cause of trouble. Or perhaps, try to have a new permission for the Skype. After checking and  if both steps above has no help at all; try system restore.

You will have to access the system restore first. Proceed by going to the start button, and then the all programs icon, after it choose the accessories and click the system restore if found. Now try to run Skype and observe if it's now connecting.

If it still doesn't work, you should now uninstall Skype, then reboot it. Then have it installed again and don't forget to reboot it again. Just have patience doing the steps, to be able to experience Skype with your new phone.

I hope you have your connection now, upon trying all the methods.

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