Hide phone number from contacts in Skype

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I have added a few extra contacts in my Skype list to chat with in my free time. But the problem arises here that all these random people are getting to know my personal phone number. How can I change the Skype settings so it doesn't disclose my number to anyone? Also tell me how I can sync the contact list to the app itself?

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Hide phone number from contacts in Skype


Hi !

Since everyone can see your personal information that you have added to your account Skype its possible because you also changed your privacy settings.

You have to log on Skype and follow the next steps:

1) Click on the Profile Tab

2) Show full profile

3) In the right column you change what information you want to be public, private or only your friends can see them.

4) Click on each one row on la right column and change as you wish.

Profile Tab-Show Full Profile-Right Column are highlighted in red in the bottom picture.

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Hide phone number from contacts in Skype


Hi Alex,
There are multiple solutions to make settings of Skype for contacts:
Solution 1:
1) Sign in to the Skype account
2) In the menu bar, Click 'File', select 'Edit Profile' option
3) Under the profile window, uncheck the 'Show I have x contacts' checkbox
4) Re login the Skype and the contacts list is disabled from the user

Solution 2:
1) Log in the Skype account through the login credentials
2) In the contacts list, right click the contacts name
3) Select 'View Profile' option to display the profile window
4) Click 'Hide details' button to stop the user view the details

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