Guide in the full access of IPod

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When I was using Skype, the screen suddenly turned white and a picture of the iPod USB converted into iTunes. When I opened iTunes and clicked on restore, an error (3194) came up and stopped everything.

Further, I understood that I will have to go into DFU mode and afterwards, I did hold shift and clicked on restore. When I did that step, a window popped up; then I was confused as to which file should have selected by me?

I simply want to ask, does anyone know how I can have full access to my iPod again? Any help would be GREAT.

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Guide in the full access of IPod



The problem occurred when you clicked restore because the iPod could not connect to the server to perform the restore action. That is why you are facing the problem. You can solve this problem with the help of a software called "Tiny Umbrella".

1. Firstly, download the Tiny umbrella software from this link – There is a separate link for Windows and Mac, so select the appropriate link and download it.

Tiny umbrella software

2. Install the software and restart your computer.

3. Then connect your iPod to the computer and it should be working.

Hope this information helped you.

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