How do I stop my Mac from relatively slow down?

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How do I increase the speed of my Mac laptop that started slowing down recently? I notice recently that the Mac laptop is now slow which is not always the case before, I check the memory info using command + (I) to get the info and the drive is just 60% full. Also the RAM is okay. What could be the cause of the slowness?

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How do I stop my Mac from relatively slow down?


To increase the speed performance of your Mac laptop and get it function normally you should find out the problem where it has been occurring. Below are some the tips which helps you the problems are:

** Check whether hard drive is full.

** Update your Operating system and uninstall the outdated operating system like Mac OS X.

** Try to minimize applications which are running in the background.

** Spotlight is a search engine that helps to give the information of the drive which is reducing the performance.

** Check if any software update is loading so that you run and install the updates.

** If any app consumes a lot of your processor and makes high processor utilization, then make them quit.

** Make sure that your desktop should be free of icons clutter.

** Upgrade your RAM if necessary.

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