Grab some knowledge about Soft Recovery Exchange 2010.

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I want to know about Soft Recovery Exchange 2010. What is Soft Recovery Exchange 2010, and how Soft Recovery Exchange 2010 works? Reply to me ASAP. Thanks in Advance.

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Grab some knowledge about Soft Recovery Exchange 2010.


Soft Recovery replays transaction log files, after an abrupt Exchange stoppage when the database is mounted again. To perform soft recovery, follow the given steps:

In the storage, mount any database group, like all databases in a storage group share. Given below is the syntax to be used for Eseutil.exe (soft recovery):

ESEUTIL /r enn /L [path to log files] /s [path to checkpoint file] /d [path to database file] /i

Things that are not possible:

  1. Replay log files (different databases).
  1. If checkpoint file points to the wrong log, Replay log files.
  1. If you don’t have all the log files available, replay log files.
  2. If database files have been moved (different file path location), replay log files.

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