Connection device failed error when connecting GPS to PC

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Earlier this morning I was still able to connect my GPS to my computer but after downloading a GPS related software, whenever I connect my GPS to my PC, I always get this error,

“Connection device failed!”

due to this I cannot upload maps and locations into my GPS .

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Connection device failed error when connecting GPS to PC


Hi Jay,

You haven’t specified the operating system you are using. Therefore, I am providing general ways to solve your problem. 

Verify the interface used by your computer.

Download USB drivers if your device uses a USB port, from here and install them; then connect devices directly to the USB ports of the computer. If it uses serial ports, acquire a USB-To-Serial converter, which contains an electronic circuit able to turn USB ports on serial ports.

Download the drivers for USB to Serial Converter Prolific 2303 and install them.

Click on Tools, then go to Options and activate the auto detect button.

A virtual serial port will be created for each USB port immediately all drivers are installed.

If the virtual port is not detected, just uninstall and install the drivers again.

If that doesn’t work, then connect the cable to the computer.

  • Go to Control Panel of Microsoft Windows and open device manager.
  • Click on prolific USB to serial Comm Port.
  • Choose option, delete the device from the computer and wait for system to uninstall and disconnect cable from USB port.
  • Restart computer and reinstall cable drivers.
  • Connect cable to another port and try again.

Alternatively, go to File > Options > GPS > Settings > More Settings and select COM 3 or COM 7 from the list of Ports. Click OK two times, minimize CartoPac and go to Start > Settings > System tab > GPS then set the GPS Program port to COM 3 or COM 7 and Click OK out of Settings window and reopen CartoPac.

Eventually Go back to File > Options > GPS > Settings and tap Test, a text box should appear stating, ‘’the GPS is working correctly”.

Hope this helps.


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Connection device failed error when connecting GPS to PC


Dear Jay Chou,

In your question you didn't mention the software name you downloaded. 

But it's Ok. Please go to the setting menu of the downloaded software and use the option, restore default. I hope this will solve your problem. 

Thank you.

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