Is Google’s Project Loon Project a success or not?

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We all know that Google has launched Project loon. I came to know that it has an internet enabled auto fill feature. These weather tracking balloons can be filled automatically within five minutes. When compared with the earlier versions these balloons are ten times more efficient and can stay in the stratosphere for more than 100 days. Is Google’s Project Loon Project a success or not?

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Is Google’s Project Loon Project a success or not?


This is one hell of a project for the people of planet Earth. Project Loon is a research and development project being built up by Google. Its mission is to provide internet access to remote and rural areas around the world. Project Loon utilizes high-altitude balloons positioned in the stratosphere at an elevation of around 32 kilometers or 20 miles.

This is done to build an aerial or mid-air wireless network that is capable of reaching up to 3G-like speeds. If you are still confused about Project Loon, it is a network of balloons travelling on the boundary of space that is aimed at connecting people in rural and remote areas.

The balloons will help fill coverage gaps and is capable of bringing people back online after disasters. The balloons float in the stratosphere which is twice as high as airplanes as well as the weather. By partnering with telecommunications companies to share cellular spectrum, this allows the people to connect to the balloon network straight from their phones.

But I guess only those users with LTE-enabled devices will be able to connect to Project Loon.

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