Google Chrome bookmarks recovery file

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I accidently deleted my bookmark folder from my chrome browser. In that folder I have my large collection of favorite sites. That sites will be very helpful for my projects. Is there any possibility to recover the deleted folder. Is there any software available for chrome bookmarks recovery file.


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Google Chrome bookmarks recovery file

Restoring your deleted bookmark in chrome is possible but it is not guaranteed.
Chrome usually backs up regularly. So if your accidentally deleted your bookmarks, don't re-launch your chrome because it might back up an empty bookmark. It may also be possible that the back up files contains your deleted bookmark. 
1) Start a Windows explorer.
2) Copy the location line and replace <Username with your own username>
C:Users<Username>AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault
You will see two folders: Bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak. Bookmarks contains your current bookmarks. On the other hand, Bookmarks.bak contains the most recent back up of your bookmark. To make sure that the contents of Bookmark.bak is what you are looking for, check the date if it is before the date you deleted your bookmark. If the date is after you deleted your bookmark, then there is no way to restore your deleted bookmark.
3) Rename the Bookmark folder so that chrome would not be able to read it. 
4) Rename the Bookmark.bak to Bookmarks.
Step 4 will make your back up folder your current bookmark folder.
5) Delete the folder which you renamed in doing step 3.
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Google Chrome bookmarks recovery file


The great thing about chrome is that if you are already signed in with your gmail login and password all your prior bookmarks are automatically backed up on their storage cloud. What I would try doing first is simply logging in with your Google ID and seeing if your bookmarks are restored.

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