GIMP error message could not open .eps

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Im using gimp for editing images but when I try to open .eps files gimp is giving me this error, don’t know anything about this error, im using vista 64bit.

GIMP Message

Encapsulated PostScript Image Message

Could not interpret "C:UsersprotoborgDesktopInform Map.eps"

Gimp Message

Opening "C:UsersprotoborgDesktopInform Map.eps" failed.

Encapsulated PostScript image plug-in could not open image

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GIMP error message could not open .eps



eps is the abbreviation of Encapsulated PostScript which is a printer language which has been developed by Apple. These eps files contain the format PostScript.  Ghostscript is an interpreter of this PostScript. This interpreter can manipulate PostScript files.

You need to install Ghostscript on your machine as well as path statement edited. You can also visit the website to get GhostScript: However, after installing it you need to edit path. Go to “properties” option of My Computer. Press “Advanced” tab and select “Environment Variables” button. From scroll down menu select path. Select your desired path here. Now you will get your problem solved.      


I hope you understand it.

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GIMP error message could not open .eps


Hello Jair,

Note that many Linux distributions come with Ghostscript already installed. But there are some other operating systems that may require you to install it yourself. The following instructions will help you install the Ghostscript:

  • You will need to go to the Ghostscript project page on Sourceforge [GHOSTSCRIPT].
  • After that you will need you find package gnu-gs or ghostscript, and then go to the download section.
  • You will need to download one of the distributions, for instance gs650w32.exe or gs700w32.exe.
  • And then start the executable and follow the instructions till the installation finishes.

After that, you should be able to read PostScript files with GIMP. Note that you don't need to move the Ghostscript directories once the installations complete.




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GIMP error message could not open .eps


Many thanks my friends and all of your solutions are good. I was very anxious about my problem. Carl Jack, your solution makes me realize why this problem is occurring and also your solution is very easy to apply. After abiding by your solution, now I am able to read PostScript file with GIMP and without moving Ghostscript directories, I have completed installations. After that I am not facing any more error messages. Thanks to you for your valuable and enhancing solution.

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GIMP error message could not open .eps


GIMP can open EPS files if you have Ghostscript installed in your machine. Install it first and then go to /bin directory where Ghostscript is installed. And then, copy the exe files that you can see and then paste it where GIMP is installed. Restart GIMP and try to open eps files again.

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