Getting hard drive accessing problem

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Dear Friends,

I’m using a Compaq Laptop which is three years old. Currently I am getting some problems relating with my hard drive. When I go to access a specific drive or folder such as Movie Folder or Recent Download Folder, it takes too much time while on the address bar it shows something like buffering or index progressing ( OS Vista Home Basic), and even I can’t access the files until this process finished.

I’ve checked the bad sectors, I use scheduled defragmentation software. I even formatted my OS several times but it’s the same problem I am getting all the time.

Is there any suggestion for me? It would be great full.

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Getting hard drive accessing problem


Hi OmarBhutt,

Since you have formatted your computer several times you can already rule out that your problem is due to a virus that has infected your computer. Another reason for the slow response of your computer could be due to having a low amount of RAM. RAM is needed to be able to run programs and other applications on your OS. Even to just browse your files a certain amount of RAM is necessary.

What you can do to try and fix this problem is to install more RAM onto your computer to increase the efficiency of your computer.

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