Copying Drive Content on new Dell XPS 420

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I have a new Dell XPS 420 desktop PC. I want to transfer all my 10 years worth of files that include music, pictures and documents to my new Dell PC. The following files are located on my drive D. My question is, if it’s possible to just copy the whole drive rather than copy the files one by one? The drive C that contains the operating system is now useless since my new Dell has a dual drive bay, wherein one bay contains two drives and the other one is an open one. And also, I’m wondering how that drive will appear considering that my new computer is showing two drives?

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Copying Drive Content on new Dell XPS 420


Hi Brendan,

You can simply transfer your whole documents from drive D: to your new PC rather than copying the files one by one. Try to remove your old harddisk place it to harddisk enclosure, by that process the harddisk will now converted to external harddrive and function as USB Flashdrive. Copy drive D: and send it to your new drive which is drive C:. You can also install it in a 2 Operating Systems you have as you mentioned in your questions. Lastly, with regards to drives in your computer it will automatically detected once you install or plug new hardware devices. The default drive is drive C: once you install another devices it would be drive D: until Z:.



Maurin Jordan


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