Getting freeware remote control laptop applications.

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Is it possible to get a freeware remote control laptop application that can help me control my PC via Bluetooth with a Nokia phone? It should be for Mac.

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Getting freeware remote control laptop applications.



Dear Aditya,

Yes Most of the latest high end Nokia phones have Remote applications that have the power to control PC's monitor via Bluetooth. Check to see if you have that feature in your phone. If you have not it.

* Browse to your phone site content and see if there is an available software application out there for your mobile. If luckily there is, then download it via your phone.

* If not, then the below steps will not be applicable,

* What you can do instead has contacted your Phone's Customer Service and see if that is possible and legal in your country.

* Otherwise, you might need to buy a new one which I do not recommend but that's an option.

If you do have a remote application, then check to see if your computer/laptop has Bluetooth feature. You should find it from your computer>Control Panel>Bluetooth directory.

Follow these steps if said requirements were met;

1.   Turn on both your phone and computer Bluetooth (You might as well open the Remote application)

2.   Make sure that both your device visibility is on.

3.   If it prompts you to pair the device then pair it. Just follow the instruction given to you.

4.   If you are finally connected then you Remote application should now be able to access your computer's monitor via Bluetooth with a maximum range of 100 meters and must have no objects blocking the paired device.

I hope this helps you with your problem.


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Getting freeware remote control laptop applications.


Freeware mobile control software’s are extremely popular. Free popular software MobileWitch Bluetooth control can help you control your PC via Bluetooth with a Nokia phone that is Java enabled.

You can control your PC from a distance. The sole purpose of this software is to provide you the feelings of a universal PC remote control and installation information is provided there.


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