Getting error while centrally controlling a user profile

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I am getting error while  centrally control a user profile. I need 10 computers to all be logged in at the same time and share a desktop that cannot be changed at the workstation only on the server. I implemented folder redirection using GPOs, but when the profile is synced with the server, the desktop that is on the workstation overrides the sever copy. I thought about using roaming profiles, but I think only one computer would be allowed to login with the user at a time. What about a mandatory profile? Can the same username be logged in multiple times using a mandatory profile?

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Getting error while centrally controlling a user profile


Probably the simplest way to accomplish your goal is to implement a mandatory profile. You would set this up in the same manor as you would do  a roaming profile with one exception, your going to rename the NTuser.dat file to Manual profiles can be assigned to an individual or by group so all of your workstations will receive the settings. Plus with a manual profile the user cannot make permanent changes to the desktop environment like they can with a roaming profile.

Folder redirection basically points or redirects the mount point of a folder to a network share so that it's contents are accessible from other workstations on the network. You could use this in conjunction with a roaming or mandatory profile

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