Get an error while starting the Computer!!

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I am not being able to turn on my desktop computer. As soon I press the start button of the computer it starts to a beeping alarm and shut downs automatically. What do i do?

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Get an error while starting the Computer!!


Hello there Buddy,

There are many reasons why your PC is acting up and shutting down after you press the power button. One reason is your CPU temperature, when it is too hot, it will automatically shut down without any warning, to avoid any damage to your processor. If this is the case, you have to put silicon paste at the back of your CPU cooling fan to help with your overheated processor.

Another reason why your PC is shutting down is because you have a defective RAM, try taking your RAM off and clean the slots of dust and the RAM by gently rubbing an eraser to its gold strip, and then return it to its slot.

Try restarting your PC then, if it shuts down again there is a big possibility that the problem is your power supply, in that case you have to buy a new power supply.


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Get an error while starting the Computer!!


If that is what’s happening on your computer every time you start it, you probably need some assistance from someone who knows how to touch the inside of your CPU because this problem requires checking the devices installed on your motherboard. When your computer beeps, it means there is a problem inside that needs checking. And when this happens, you normally won’t be able to start the computer.

If you know how to connect and disconnect devices inside, here’s how to troubleshoot this problem. Unplug your CPU from the power then open your CPU case. Remove the memory card modules from the memory slot then install them back interchangeably. If you have only one memory module, connect it to a different memory slot different from where it was originally installed.

Plug your CPU back to the power and start it. See if it beeps again. If the CPU still beeps, disconnect all devices installed on your motherboard like the memory card module, video card (if you have a dedicated video card installed), sound card, and network adapter. Once all devices have been removed, install them back one at a time beginning with the memory module.

Start the CPU every time a device is installed back to test it then continue installing the next device and so on. In my experience, the usual culprit of a beeping CPU is the memory card module.

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