Faulty video card by overclocking

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hello guys I need help. I have overclocked my video card now it won't even boot! how can i resolve this? i don't have any money to buy a new one. I have tried cleaning the video card but no luck.

I have even replaced the thermal compound now the video card just overheats but the fan still spins and also tell me what kind of video card can I buy for an upgrade I have a pci-e supported board here.

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Faulty video card by overclocking



These the steps by steps guide to Video Card malfunction;

  •     Central Processing Unit has to be clocked down for instability.
  •     Increase the speed of GPU to 5 or 10 MHZ. Run quick stability and repeat the steps.
  •     Run longer stability test to ensure over clock stability.
  •     Add more 5 MHZ if still not stable.
  •     You should get the maximum speed after these steps.
  •     Improving your Video Card cooling will increase your overclock. Modify it if needed.

To check the stability, the screenshots below will tell you what number I have here.

It runs tests of memory moves, write, reads and copies in different pattern and block sizes and tests the memory range independently.

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Faulty video card by overclocking


I will suggest that you try the following as a workaround to that problem:

  • You will need to open the inside of your PC.
  • And then get a dust blowing machine and the use it to blow the dust from the machine that may have accumulated and therefore causing the video card not to be recognized.
  • You also need to clean any dust that may have accumulated on the video card.
  • And then plug it back it its slot; make sure that you plug it well  because if it loose then that may also cause it not to be recognized.
  • Close the system with its cover again and then try running the system and see if the video graphics work well.

In case that does not work, then you might need to get another video card,  and that means you will have to purchase it.

Clair Charles

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