Genie Scout 12 v1.00 beta 2error

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I am using Genie Scout 12 version 1.00 beta 2 but receiving an “Error Loading Entity Number: 0”. Help me to resolve this matter. Am I using the older version? Any help would be much appreciated.



FM Genie Scout 12 v1.00 beta 2

Error Loading Entity Number: 0

File Position: -1

Database Version: 1686

XML data seems to be corrupt.

Please make sure that you are using the last version of the FM Genie

Scout and that the file is not corrupt.

If you are sure and still see this message, please send the dump file with information of an error to my site
(use Report Bug from menu Help and Support) and it will be fixed in the near future.
Dump files are kept in the same folder as FM Genie Scout.

Thank you for the cooperation.

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Genie Scout 12 v1.00 beta 2error


Hi Fred,

                After having the Genie Scout 12 released the update check or ad server for Genie Scout 11 may have been taken down. You may also notice some Stream errors and as what you have mentioned XML data corruption. You may try the Genie Scout 12 with the free version and use your FM2011 save game with patch 11.3.

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