Game crashes when try to run

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Hi guys,

I’m still receiving this message (my systems in spanish):

la instruccion en 0x078720b8 hace referencia a la memoria en 0x00000x10. La memoria no se pudo

When translated it's:

“The instructions in 0x078720b8 makes a reference to the memory in 0x00000x10. The memory wasn't able to be read”

Every time I get this, it closes the game. But today I faced it before the game starts.

What should I need to do?

I cannot launch the game and play.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

GVOnline.exe – Imagen incorrecta

C:WindowsAppPatchAcXtrnal.DLL no está diseñado para ejecutarse en Windows o contiene un error. 
Intente instalar el programa de nuevo por medio de los medios originales de instalación, o póngase en 
contacto con el administrador del sistema o el fabricante de software para obtener ayuda.
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Game crashes when try to run


The problem seems to be the minimum system requirements for the game play. Did you follow the manual or the readme text?

1. The solution could be an extra high speed big ram with more free space. See the system configuration at the Properties of My Computer and increase the RAM size if not enough.

2. Check that any other programs are running parallel which is consuming a big portion of the RAM. If so then close that program and then start playing the game.

3. If you cannot increase the RAM nor close the program then you need to increase the size of virtual memory. Use My computer > properties > advanced > settings.

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