Real Player 14.0 Not Playing .FLV Videos

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Hi there friends, 

I'm using Real Player 14.0 on Windows 7. I have a problem in playing .FLV Videos using Real Player.

Whenever I try to play .flv Videos using Real Player, at first it crashes about 4-5 times.

(Image given below). 


RealPlayer is not responding

If you close the program, you might lose information.

Close the program

Wait for the program to respond

Real Player Crash is followed by Windows Explorer Crash. 

Then after several attempts to play, it works fine.

Please note that this problem is only with the .flv video format, all other video formats works fine.

Tell me, how can I get rid of this issue?

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Real Player 14.0 Not Playing .FLV Videos


Hi Josh,

Will I say that your problem was only a minor.

I Have been through that before I also like you I don’t know what to do. But now the problem is only in your music format.

So I suggest try to find a application that can format in the real player.

Or a application like a converter so if you have a music file before you use always check if your file was compatible with your player.

In addition, that problem came up when you simultaneously playing some of your music file.

Be patient when you want some good work.

Try to download mix player if you want simultaneously playing.


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Real Player 14.0 Not Playing .FLV Videos


I also used Real Player before to play videos and likewise, I encountered different kinds of problems. Although it says in the file types it supports playing a particular video extension, upon playing it often crashes with that video type but it says it supports it.

I don’t know what’s with this software. But it’s best used when streaming online contents like mp3, online videos. I think its main problem is when playing offline files. If you like playing videos especially flv formats where you said it crashes more often, use other software that doesn’t require too much resources and runs well in Windows.

Like for example, Total Video Converter. It converts almost all types of media, such as:

  • Mobile

    • MPEG4 Video
    • H264/AVC MPEG4
    • 3GP Video
    • ASF/WMV (Zune)
    • Digital Camera
    • Apple Video
    • PSP MPEG4
    • Nokia Cell phone
    • Sony Cell phone
  • MS AVI

    • DivX/Xvid Video
    • MS MPEG4 AVI
    • Lossless AVI
    • H264 AVI
  • Wet

    • SWF Video
    • FLV Video
    • GIF
  • MPEG

    • DVD MPEG
    • VCD MPEG
    • MPEG
  • QuickTime

    • MPEG4 MOV
    • MPEG2 TS
    • JPEG Images
  • Audio

    • CD/WAV Audio
    • MP3 Audio
    • AAC Audio
    • WMA Audio
    • FLAC Audio
    • AMR/AWB Audio
    • OGG Audio
    • MMF Audio
    • AC3 Audio
    • AU Audio

Besides converting different video types, you can also play all these kinds of media with its Total Video Player.

You can download it here

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Real Player 14.0 Not Playing .FLV Videos


Dear Josh. Aken,

Thanks for asking.

By default, the real player is unable to play the FLV files.

Real player can play all those files which can be played by windows media player.

Like MP3, MPG, DAT and AVI files. But to play MP4, 3gp, FLV and DVD video files, you have to download real player's CODEC pack.

This is so easy to install this CODEC pack. Just try to play any flv file, it will show an error that this file cannot be played.

You have to download the media plugins. Do you want to download?

Just press the yes. It will download the required plug in.

The other method is to download the codec pack manually by yourself.

Click the link to download the CODEC of real player.

I hope this will solve your problem.


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