Futuristic design for Keyboard replacing the analog version

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I would like to ask something about this new keyboard? What is Cool Leaf keyboard? Who designed it? How does it work? How much is it? Is going to use USB? What are the types of ports it can be connected to? Will this come with software and driver installer or it’s like old keyboard just plug and play? What are the materials used for this? If am going to use it, how beneficial this keyboard rather than using the old keyboards? Is going be helpful or useful? Or is it another way to waste money? Please provide feedback. Thank you!

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Futuristic design for Keyboard replacing the analog version


Hello Christine!

Cool Leaf Keyboard is a new designed keyboard combined with keypad same with Android and iPhones. It is just an ordinary pad if it’s off but when you turn it on, it’ll show you the keys in a normal keyboard. Dr. Kazuo Kawazaki developed this keyboard.

The prices is $359. Connected thru USB. In way it is like just a plug and play device. Connect the mini-USB cord to the computer and keyboard. You’ll have to wait for the message in the screen that it successfully installed the keyboard and good to go. The mirror panel and a plastic casing.

The use of this keyboard will be somewhat useful and helpful to users. You will now eliminate the pain if you have to type documents every day. Since you’re just going to tap the keys gently.

In some way it is useful, like you will not hear the sound of heavy fingers in the keyboard. In a sense, it still the same keyboard. The only difference is that it is upgraded to touch panel screen.

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