The future of gaming from the gamers

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Hey! Experts have believed that those who play games now will be the ones to create the games of the future. Would you advise me to play what kind of games? Regards

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The future of gaming from the gamers


It is a tough question, what type of game you should play it depends only on your choice. Because in the world of game there are so many type of game with different strategy.

Playing game is a very good think because when you play game your area of thinking and decision making power grows. According to many scientists and psychologists gaming is not a bad thing because it develops new neurological pathways in our brain. By game playing you can gain the ability of making quick judgment and decisions, as will as you can achieve the problem solving techniques and enhance concentration on your life and work. The main problem is choosing game, as according to your question, it means that what game you play now will be the part of your future (means: the strategy of your future life).

For choosing the game:

  1. You can play Puzzle Games: It helps to make a good calculation.
  2. You can play Chess: It makes you so sharp and good decision maker.
  3. You can play Multiplayer Player games: It helps you to work in a group strategy and the way of making communication.
  4. You can play Strategy Games: It teaches you how to control a team or too many teams under your command and fulfill their needs.
  5. You can play First Person Shooting Games: This type of games are violent types, deals with war, crime etc. By this game you can learn about taking decisions in pressure and act on it so quickly.

So, it is your decision which type of games you chose to play. Prof. C. Shawn Green who is a psychologist says "Videogames change your brain". Pick the game which makes you a good human for the society and for yourself.

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The future of gaming from the gamers

Hello Harvey!
You ask a very interesting question that can be a multitude of answers. There are many genres of games that are offered daily, they become a part of everyday life for its players, and sometimes even obsession. To find yourself in a genre of games can you list some of them:
Action games (like Shooters, or Platform games),
Action – Adventure (Survival Horror),
Adventure (3D Time – Adventures),
Simulation (Simulation Life),
Strategy (Wargame) etc.
Perhaps it is naive to think that a game can change someone's life, but it happens. If I could advise which games are best for you, I would say that this is a strategy game. I am not referring to the war games, because there are many different strategic "more cerebral games" and a lot better than war games.
How could you create a future game, I advise you to work for what you think you're the best, to play and create the best games that will fulfill the days of top players.

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