Function and Uses of Avast Cookies Remover

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Hi to everyone,

What is all about avast cookies remover? By the way I am not that familiar with cookies in my internet browser or over the internet. Can you give me some example or illustration that will probably explain the use and purpose of avast cookies remover? And why we have to remove those cookies? Does it harm our computer system?

Thank you.

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Function and Uses of Avast Cookies Remover



I will help you to clear your doubt. Cookies for small files that stay in your browser. These are created by server to monitor the user. They also store the username, password etc. You do not have to give username and password due to cookie. But these are dangerous too. Intruders can access cookies and your account via cookie. So it is safe to remove them. Avast Cookie Remover exactly does that. It removes them. It will not harm your computer.

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Function and Uses of Avast Cookies Remover


Cookies are files that websites store on your computer using the web browser which contain information like surfing habit, type of browser, server settings, IP address, and other data. These information are collected when you visit a website. Once they are collected, the web server will then place the files on your hard drive. Cookies help identify a user to the website.

When you visit the site again, the server retrieves the information from the file or cookie and this will identify you as a visitor. Cookies make browsing the web much easier and faster because of the information the website gets from the cookies. They can customize your browsing experience based on your previous visits.

Although cookies make browsing the internet a bit easier, they are seen by many as an invasion of privacy. Since most websites will not allow itself to be accessed unless cookies are enabled, browsers are usually set to accept cookies by default. As a result, cookies are being stored “invisibly” on your hard drive every time you browse the internet.

Since your IP address is usually collected, your browsing history and online activities become public knowledge.

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