Full screen in Vmware, is possible???

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In order to deploy full screen in Vmware I had to install the Guest Additions.
I went to the menu: Devices> Install Guest Additions
the CD icon appeared on my desktop.
I opened it, and I copied all files in the folder which I had created in my home directory that I called it “pilots”, I opened the terminal, and I passed into a root session
I typed the following command: chmod u + x VBoxLinuxAdditions.run
. / VBoxLinuxAdditions.run
installation was launched but in the end the following message was displayed


Unable to build kernel module.
See log file /tmp/vmware-root/setup-3759.log for details.

and installation hasn’t accomplished,, can you help me solving this problem?

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Full screen in Vmware, is possible???


Yes it is possible to display full screen when using VMWare. install linux ubuntu on your virtual machine and turn your virtual machine on. when it boot correctly there is an option VMWare show that switch to full screen. when you click on that your virtual machine will switch to full screen and you will see your desktop is covered by your virtual machine. But this option is not given in all linux version if you Try to use CentOS then you can not see it on full screen.

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Full screen in Vmware, is possible???


well I will do the best to solve your problem, After see your problem

In my opinion..the installation will be corrupt so the vmware can't run properly. Maybe the kernel doesn't support too, to manage the vmware. So I think, you must download the latest version for vmware, and don't forget to install the kernel support which is based in all repositories in Linux. Don't worry, if you upgrade into the latest version, the last version of vmware can be overwritten with the latest version. If you want to make your vmware in full screen, you can choose the icon tab which is name "Full Screen" or you can press F11


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