FTP Server For Windows 2003 And Its Features.

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How is FTP useful? What are some of the FTP Server for Windows 2003 available?

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FTP Server For Windows 2003 And Its Features.


What are the features that they provide? How are they helpful?

FTP helps in transferring files to and from FTP Server.

1. FileZilla: It helps in uploading and downloading from FTP resource.

2. WinScp: It helps in copying files between local and a remote computer.

3. SmartFTP Client: It can open multiple FTP connections. It allows transfer of files from one host to another.

4. Leech FTP: It checks FTP updates within the program.

5. Serv-U FTP Server: You can access your file from anywhere. Over encrypted channels, we can exchange data.

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FTP Server For Windows 2003 And Its Features.


FTP is very useful for webmasters for uploading content to their sites. With FTP, you are not only able to upload and download contents from the web server but you can also move, copy, rename, and delete files. You can also change permissions for files and folders. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

It is a standard internet protocol for sending files between computers over the internet using TCP/IP connections. It is often used to upload or download files from web servers. It is a client-server protocol that depends on two communication channels between client and server: a data channel for transmitting or sending file content and a command channel for controlling or handling the conversation.

It was in 1971 when FTP was originally defined prior to the definition of IP and TCP and since then has been redefined numerous times. In an FTP session, it is the client who initiates the conversation with the server by requesting to download a file. With FTP, a client can download, upload, rename, delete, move, and copy files from a server.

Though the majority of FTP servers require users to log in before the contents be made available to them, there are some FTP servers that make their content available without logging in and they are known as anonymous FTP. FTP sessions work or function in two modes: either active or passive.

In active mode, the server starts a data connection back to the client and starts transferring or sending data after a client starts a session using a command channel request. In passive mode, it is the server that uses the command channel to send the client the information it needs to open a data channel.

Since in passive mode it is the client who initiates all the connections, it works very well on firewalls and NAT or Network Address Translation gateways. If you are looking for an FTP server, try using FileZilla Server.

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