Friend cannot see or hear me on webcam

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Hi,I am using dell inspiron 1545 with windows 7. My problem is when i connect my webcam, my friend in US can not see or hear me but i can see him. I have been trying to look for the solution since 5 hours but yet not have found what could be the problem ? and  i use skype to chat with him. Can somebody help me to find the solution for this. Thanks in advance.

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Friend cannot see or hear me on webcam


Our webcam is working rightly since it was many days have been passed to buy.The webcam is operated by the AMCap drivers that was installed too.High definition audio is linked with this webcam so that we are able to listen us also we are able to see us in fullscreen monitor.The problem is rolled by your friends webcam that he couldn't see you.He hadn't install his webcam smoothly.Do you tell him about the matter clarifying him that his webcam is not install duly hence he didn't watch you on the monitor.He should install drivers.

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Friend cannot see or hear me on webcam


Dell Inspiron 1545 is having integrated Creative Labs 1,3Mpix Webcam.

If you are using it, try downloading certified driver for Windows 7 from this location

To check is driver for your Webcam correctly installed, open Device Manager (right mouse click on Computer, select “Properties” then from left side click “Device Manager”). You shouldn’t have any yellow exclamation mark like shown on this image.  

device manager

If you are having yellow exclamation mark with any item (those related to web-cams are usually titled USB Webcam, Imaging device, unknown video device, and similar), you should install proper driver for your Webcam. Insert CD that you got together with your webcam (or laptop) and install driver for Webcam.

Alternately, go Control Panel/System and Security/Windows Update, enable Windows Update if it is disabled, and Windows 7 will try to find proper driver for Webcam on the Internet.

If you are having none yellow exclamation marks (like shown), and you are having in Device Manager in the list something under “Imaging device”, then your driver is properly installed, you just need to configure it in Skype.

Open Skype, go to Tools and Options. You will get something similar to this:


Under “Audio settings”, on right side check under “Microphone” that your proper device is selected. Also, in same section, check under “Speakers” that your listening device is selected.

Now, under “Video settings”, on right side check that your Webcam is listed. You should see a preview video of Webcam.

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