Found an error message in Norton Antivirus

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Hello experts,

I found an error message in Norton Antivirus.

Help me. Please.


Norton AntiVirus

Alert : Malicious script detected

Object          Windows Script Host Shell Object

Activity         RegWrite

Your computer is halted and needs to do something

about this script:

File               MsiExec.exe

What do you want to do?                                     > Help

Action           Stop this script (recommended)


Thanks a lot.

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Found an error message in Norton Antivirus


Hello Chesley

You should be warned that the workaround that follows may cause your computer or your network to become more vulnerable to attack by malicious users as well as malicious software, for instance viruses.

It is there recommended that if you have got to use this workaround, you should do it your own discretion.

The following are the steps you will need to follow:

  • First you will need to start Norton Antivirus.
  • And then go to the Norton Antivirus Options, and then click Script Blocking.
  • Locate the How to respond when a malicious script is found area, and then click Ask me what to do (recommended).
  • After that click OK.

Once you have done that, you can go ahead and install the antivirus.




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Found an error message in Norton Antivirus


First things first, you need to check if msiexec.exe is indeed infected and running malicious tasks in the background. If I’ll be guessing what you are doing when the error hit you, it’s more likely that you are installing something on your computer that requires msiexec.exe to run and write something to the registry.

For those who are not aware, msiexec.exe is the program you call Windows Installer. This very small executable file is the program that starts Windows Installer and we all know that Windows Installer is an important component of Microsoft Windows and is sometimes required when you are installing a program.

If Norton AntiVirus is alerting you of a malicious task, just confirm the task by clicking OK since it’ll only stop the script from running. After this, update Norton AntiVirus, open Windows Explorer, and navigate to “C:WINDOWSsystem32”. Find msiexec.exe, right-click on it, point to your antivirus, and select to scan the file. See image.

You should get a positive result on the scan. This is just to check if the file is really infected. If the result is negative, you need to exclude the file from Norton AntiVirus auto-protect. Go to Settings and find an option there where you can exclude the file from being monitored. Here’s an example of the file exclusion in Norton Internet Security. See image.

You can refer this to program misidentification which is a very common issue on antivirus programs where they accidentally identify a healthy program as being infected or a process as being malicious.

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