Formatting a hard drive fully

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How often and how many time a hard drive should be formatted?

Is there chances or crashing if formatted too many times?

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Formatting a hard drive fully



Is it format or reformat?.

You only format your hard drive if it is necessary to do. Constantly rebooting will damage your hard drive.

How often you format depends on how many people use the computer and how much stuff you put on it.

Could be as frequently as every 6 months or less or as little as every couple years.

I hope it is clear to you.

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Formatting a hard drive fully


Hi these are the steps that you have to follow to erase your hard drive.

If you have any important files, take backup of the file which you are ready to erase. If you want to format full hard drive. You can format it by using windows cd or if you want to format one by one also possible. If you interested in formatting partition one by one you can select the partition which you like to erase, then right click on it, there you can see the option called format. Once you select format, format box will appear on the screen.

Here you need to select the format option just simply click on start. This is the steps you have to apply to all other partition to erase other than C drive. If you wish to format c drive and reinstall the O/S, you have to format it by using the windows cd. That’s all.

I hope this message will help you to format your PC. Thank you.

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Formatting a hard drive fully


I don’t think so. The purpose of formatting a hard drive is to prepare it for use. There are actually different types of format that you can apply on the hard drive which can be done from the command prompt. To see the complete syntax of the format command, click Start, Run, then type without quotes “cmd” then hit Enter.

In the command prompt, type without quotes “format/?” and then hit Enter. This will display the complete syntax of the command.

One kind of format is the quick format which is applied by adding the “/Q” or “/q” switch. This switch when added in the command will perform a quick format on the specified drive. What this means is, it will only delete the entire data of the hard drive which is very similar to deleting a file or a folder.

Another type is the unconditional format which can be applied using the switch “/U” or “/u”. This is mainly used on floppy disks and is mostly used during the MS-DOS days. The format version of Windows XP no longer supports this switch though I’m not sure if it’ll work if a floppy disk is specified.

Adding the switch “/FS:filesystem” will automatically specify the type of file system to use. The types of file systems you can use are FAT, FAT32, and or NTFS. So, if you’ll apply it your command will be “format /fs:ntfs”, “format /fs:fat”, or “format /fs:fat32”.

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Formatting a hard drive fully



Formatting a hard drive is very easy especially for advanced users. But for beginners, I guess it would be a puzzle that requires a manual to follow. Formatting a hard drive can be done in 2 ways. To get more information visit this Techyv post.

How to use Windows Vista format tools?

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