Hard disk not readable, but in disk management unreadable.

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In my hard drive, 1 (T). I put together a hard disk just for a collection of games and movies. 2 partitions which include 1 movie (E) 1 game (F) Just now, I wanted to make it to the disk management partition

But it suddenly turns into an error, with partition (E). How do I restore the partition? I do not want it formatted because of my collection. Thank you for the ones who want to help me.

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Hard disk not readable, but in disk management unreadable.


You can solve the problem in the Windows 7 very quickly and safely. If your windows is XP, then use the software named hard disk partition magic. You can download it. I am telling you the solution in windows 7.

There is an option named shrink in the disk management. Using this option you can put together your two drives.

First, go to the "Start" then "Computer" and right click it, then a box will come out. Click the manage option:

A new window named “Computer Management“ will open. On the new window, click “ Storage ” and then click the “ Disk Management “.

After the second step, the windows will give you a view of all the drives in your computer.

Among these, select the one you want partition. Then, right click on the selected drive and select the option ” Shrink Volume.. “.

Now enter the space you want partition.

Click shrink and wait for the process. Select the unallocated space and right click it, click the "New simple volume"

 A dialog box will open . Select NTFS file system, rename the volume select next, then, finish

Your problem will be solved using these steps.

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