Flashing my BIOS failed, how can I recover?

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Sometime we need to flash our BIOS but Flashing my BIOS failed, how can I recover it?

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Flashing my BIOS failed, how can I recover?

Depends on the motherboard.
If the BIOS chip is soldered in place, there is always a jumper on the board to reset it.
If it is a replaceable BIOS chip, you are replacing that chip.

Recovering from this requires the following steps. A minimum of a power supply, a speaker, and a floppy drive configured as drive A should be attached to the motherboard for this procedure to work.

1.Change the flash recovery jumper to the recovery mode position. Virtually all Intel motherboards and many third-party motherboards have a jumper or switch for BIOS recovery, which is normally labeled Recover/Normal.

2.Install the bootable BIOS upgrade disk that you previously created to perform the flash upgrade into drive A, and reboot the system.

3.Because of the small amount of code available in the inerasable flash boot block area, no video prompts are available to direct the procedure. In other words, you will see nothing onscreen. In fact, it is not even necessary for a video card to be connected for this procedure to work. The procedure can be monitored by listening to the speaker and looking at the floppy drive LED. When the system beeps and the floppy drive LED is lit, the system is copying the BIOS recovery code into the flash device.

4.As soon as the drive LED goes off, the recovery should be complete. Power off the system.

5.Change the flash recovery jumper back to the default position for normal operation.

If you feel uncomfortable with this …definitely take it to a repair shop.

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Flashing my BIOS failed, how can I recover?




The only typical remedy or a failed BIOS flash is to get a new chip from the manufacturer. However, there is another step that can be attempted before that happens. Some manufacturers provide flash recovery as part of the BIOS update. If you do not have one, you can search for those bios flashers for the same motherboard. You can try this site: http://www.freebyte.com/drivers/#bios This site provides links to other big BIOS sources, including the most BIOS companies. You can also replace your motherboard and reuse the processor and other adaptors. It is cheaper than replacing the BIOS chip. 

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