Flash applet crop image for website profile pics

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I have been looking into building flash applets. Although Java applets are popular, a flash applet is more compatible with various internet browsers. I need a flash applet crop image on my website for members to crop their profile picture. Are there tutorials on how to make this?

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Flash applet crop image for website profile pics


Hello John,

Flash Applet is a visual object that runs in a web browser, like an image. Unlike an image, though, Flash applets are interactive, responding to mouse movement and clicks to change what's displayed, or play sounds, or open a link in the browser.

The advantage of using Flash Applets

Total compatibility with Windows, Mac and Unix browsers. In Java bugs will show up on every platform.

Flash applets start much faster than Java.

Macromedia, the company behind the Flash has made a serious effort to support  their users and to spread around the flash plugins. On the other hand, Sun Microsystems, neglect their users.

Microsoft is more friendly towards Flash. The Flash 5.0 will distribute with XP. For Java, Microsoft is not so friendly.

Its true Java is more popular, but Flash is spreading. Now a days you will find using of Flash on every website.

Now your question about tutorial of Flash Applet.  Yes, a tutorial is available. Please check the link.

Hope this would help you.

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