Fixing Bsvcprocessor Has Stopped Working

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While using my bing an error prompted to me suddenly that says “bsvcprocessor has stopped working”. Just a while ago from this prompt, I was able to use bing very nicely but after this, I am not able to use it even once. Can you please tell me how to solve this problem?

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Fixing Bsvcprocessor Has Stopped Working


You can either disable the Bing bar on your laptop or use the control card directly (if the program is installed separately), or by accessing the Web Manager (or other browsers) and deselecting the add-on. over there. You can easily check if the approach meets your needs. Press Windows + R, sort the Control Panel in the dialog box, and press Enter.

Click “Uninstall a program” on the control card. Find the “Bing Bar” app in the list of entered apps, click on it and select the “Uninstall” gift at the bottom of the window. Now, Bing Bar will be uninstalled from your laptop. Restart it and see if the current problem is resolved. We will now make sure there are no leftovers in your system. We will change the start page of your browser and disable the Bing add-on, which will also remain in the browser.

Click the gift icon in the upper right corner of the browser screen and choose Internet Selection from the list of available options. Change your browser’s homepage to any entry (for example, Select the Programs tab and then Manage Add-ons. Now, search for all add-ons by clicking “Show: All add-ons”. Look around and take everyone out of Bing. Restart your laptop and see if the problem has been resolved.


We can also check if Bing is used as a boot method on your PC. It is often terribly possible because it is assumed that Bing inserts into our PC, so we select it via different search engines. We will use MSConfig to see if Bing-related processes are running on your PC.

In most versions of Windows, MSConfig can be a system utility used to troubleshoot the Microsoft Windows startup method. We will use it to disable or change certain computer codes, device drivers, or Windows services that will run when you start your PC. Press Windows + R, sort “msconfig” in the dialog box and press Enter.

Click the Services tab, browse to the entries for methods associated with Bing, and clear the checkbox. Now, reboot the system and find whether the error message continues to appear. We hope you have not disabled the spawning method at the beginning of your spawning process.

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