Is Fixed Wireless and WiFi the same?

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Hi experts.

Please let me borrow some of your time here.  I just really need help on this one.

I am planning to have a home broadband internet connection and they have two offers on this.

They have Fixed Wireless Plan and the Wimax Plan..

Under the specifications of these two is the type of connection.

It stated there that it is a fixed wireless connection..

I don't have an idea what does it mean and I assume that its a WiFi connection..

Are these two type of internet connection the same or not?

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Is Fixed Wireless and WiFi the same?


Wimax basically is an abbreviation for “Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access”

The difference between Wimax plan and fixed Wireless Plan is that of operation range. WiMAX can be used for long ranges. It can provide broadband connectivity up to 30 km of range. Incase of WiMax the service will be basically provided from a central location.

The fixed Wireless plan is however used for providing connectivity to shorter range. They are mostly used inside a home or probably in office etc. They do not have that much of range as compared with WiMax.

WiMax & fixed wireless both are going to provide you wireless connectivity. Depending upon the range of operation you require you may go for the one which you want.

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Is Fixed Wireless and WiFi the same?


Yes its the same, WiFi and fixed wireless is the same connections which is wifi.A wireless network uses radio waves just like your cell phone radio and TV. The communication between wireless network is like a two way radio communication.Here is what happen on the wireless network. A computer wireless adapter translate data into radio signal and then transmit it using an antenna.

While a wireless router receives the signal and decodes it. Then the router send the signal to the internet using a physical wired Ethernet connection. This process also works in reverse. A wireless internet connections simply implies that a computer device is connected to internet without physical cable attached on it.

The term wireless refers to the transfer of information without wire or cable.While WiFi have been used as synonym for internet access without wire or cable that's why its the same meaning. The term wireless is refer to the availability of WiFi on a particular area or place. So don't be confuse with these 2 words.

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