Connecting a wireless printer via WPS

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I successfully setup a valet router from Cisco, through the setup key which came with it.
All my computers are working except for the printer.
This particular router has a WPS button, which can help us connect a WPS capable device by just pressing the button as stated in the manual.
When I pressed the button, nothing happened. Do you know how this should be done?
Am I supposed to press something on my printer as well, to let it connect wirelessly?
My printer is KODAK ESP 5200 Series All-in-One Printer.
Please help!
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Connecting a wireless printer via WPS


All of HP's newest wireless printers have WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) in them. This allows a very simple method to connect your wireless HP printer to your WiFi network.

It's very simple: Start the WPS Pushbutton method (under the printer's wireless menu) on the printer and then press the WPS button on your wireless-router. That's it — no need to remember the SSID or encryption passphrase.

All new wireless-routers from tier-1 manufacturers are deploying WPS. To be sure, look for the WPS logo on the wireless-router box:

Now, Apple wireless-routers do not have an external WPS button, so here's what you do:

  1. open the Apple Airport Utility
  2. select your wireless router
  3. select Manual Setup
  4. elect Add Wireless Clients … from the Base Station menu
  5. Select First Attempt then press Continue.

You have to start the Apple Add Wireless Client process within two minutes of starting the printer's WPS pushbutton method. Actually, order doesn't matter … you can start the Add Wireless Clients process on the Apple router first then start the printer's WPS pushbutton method.

Thank you for your question hope you got the answer for your question.

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Connecting a wireless printer via WPS


By pressing the WPS button your router would be able to generate its own wireless settings.

Since your printer does not have that capability, you should configure it manually. 

You need to access your router to check its wireless settings. Once you have that information, you need also to configure your printer with that same wireless settings.
Do check your printer’s manual if your printer has its own IP address and if yes, then change your printer’s IP settings on the same range as your router.
When these settings coincide with your router I believe you would be able to establish a connection with your printer.

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