Establishing connection with 3 different computers

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I want to create a network with 3 computers. I buy a cable RJ45 to connect with other computers as well as a modem too. Now I want to know what I have to do next, to establish network with other computers. It's the very first time that I am going to do it. So, I have no much idea how to connect computers to a network.

Can anyone give me a detailed solution? I and all other 3 users are using XP as OS. And all these CPU's are compatible for networking.

Need Help……..!

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Establishing connection with 3 different computers


If you're not a computer technician you will surely have problems after installing it. But anyway, here's the idea. You must have:

  1. RJ45 cable
  2. RJ11 connector
  3. Crimping tool
  4. Router
  5. Hub

Place the router and the hub in a fixed place. If the hub requires mounting on the wall, then mount it so the connections won't be touched.

Cut the RJ45 cable to the right length for every computer to reach the hub. Cut the outer covering of the cable to expose the colored wires inside.

Place the RJ11 connector at both ends of the cable. But be sure that both ends has the same arrangement in the sequence of colors. If the 1st wire is colored red, the next orange, the next blue, and so on, this should also be the sequence of colors on the other end, 1st wire is colored red, the next orange, the next blue, and so on.

Use the crimping tool to press the RJ11 connector to the colored wire.

Then connect the cable to the network port of the computer and the other end to one of the slots in the hub. Do this on every computer.

If all the computers are already wired to the hub, cut another cable that will connect the hub to the router.

Then assign an individual IP address on each computer.

  1. Click START
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Network and Internet Connections
  4. Click Network Connections
  5. Right-click on the available Local Area Connection, then choose Properties
  6. In the General tab, under "This connection uses the following items:", click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then click again on Properties
  7. Click on the Use the following IP address: button
  8. On the IP address: input a unique IP address. For example, (This should be different on every computer)
  9. On the Subnet mask: input (The same on every computer)
  10. Click OK when done

Then try browsing the network if the connection already works. You should see now other computers.

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Establishing connection with 3 different computers


Hello Jill!

I believe your purpose of setting up a network is file and Internet sharing. 

Well, I believe you need to buy a router.  This device is capable of providing IP addresses to your computers and also has the capability to share the Internet connection to other computers on the network.  Once you already have the router please follow these steps.

  1. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the modem and the other end to the Internet/WAN port of the router. (Make sure the modem and router are on.)
  2. Get another Ethernet cable.  Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of the first computer then the other end to port number one of the router. Same would apply to the other two computers.  Second computer would be connected to port number two and the last computer to port number 3.

For Internet connection, make sure that your router is properly configured to work with your modem.  I believe your ISP will guide you with this.

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