First cmd of lindows to operate a computer.

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When discovered computer in the modern world, at the same time, what were the primary language of a computer and what were the 1st command for the Lindows? It is only for earning knowledge.

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First cmd of lindows to operate a computer.


Computer is one of the most important part of our modern life. We can’t think of another day without it as we are very much dependent on it.

The first real computer was invented in 1948. I was not alike latest computers. It was very huge and occupied almost a big room or building but they also were relatively too slow from modern day computers.

The very first programming languages were domain based languages and they had punch cards or else to give commands or inputs.

These inputs required such professionals and experts of that time to operate the system flawlessly as they had to give command line or sometimes binary input.

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The founder of has come up with an extraordinary idea of merging the features and abilities of both Linux and Windows together. Then named it as Lindows OS. It’s a new type of OS which includes features and advantages of Linux and windows.

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