Can I Use Linspire to Run Windows Applications?

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I've been using Linspire as my primary operating system and I love the way it is better than Windows. However, I just can't seem to run and install Windows applications.

I heard that Linspire is in-tie with Windows so I'm expecting it can run Windows applications. Are there configurations or installation methods I've missed? Can I run Windows applications flawlessly in Linspire?

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Can I Use Linspire to Run Windows Applications?


For Windows applications to run smoothly on the Inspire system, you need to install Crossover XI which you can buy from Codeweavers, Inc.

If you have already purchased Crossover XI for Linux based systems then check if the Windows application that you are trying to install into your Inspire system is supported by it. Click this link to check the list of supported Windows applications.

The list contains around 181 Windows applications. There isn’t a lot so it would be good to double check.

If your Windows application is on the list and you are still having a hard time installing it then please check this forum for related information.

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