What to do in order to get custom made web names

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I am planning to start my first blog and I want to have the site use my name or any names that I like. I need your opinion on how I could have custom made web names so that I could use it for my blog. Can I have it free or should I need to pay?

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What to do in order to get custom made web names


Hi Conrad,

I will help you to get your website running. The name you want to use is called domail name and it's not free. There are lts of domain name providers out there. Typically it costs $3.00 to $10.00 per hour depending upon your choice of domain name. You need to get a hosting provider too for web hosting your website. The following websites are popular domain name vendor.

1. godaddy.com

2. hostgator.com

3. namecheap.com

4. bigrock.com

5. domain.com

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What to do in order to get custom made web names



Well, you are on your way to setting up your own website.  The first step to setting up your own site is choosing a "domain" name.  This name is a unique name that will identify your site on the internet.  The other objective of this name is that it points to a specific IP address.  When your thinking about your domain name you also want to think about subdomains and top level domains (TLD).  An example of a subdomain would be www.abc.com being a subdomain of abc.com.  An example of a TLD is the ".com" of an address.  There are other examples like ".org" and ".net".  As you can see setting up the TLD on down to the subdomains is like a family tree or even like an organizational chart the way they flow.

Once you have decided on what you want your name to be you need to make sure it is going to be free.  The way you can check this is by either looking it up on the Web or you can look it by using a command-line program.  You are eventually going to have to register this name as well and most registrars have the look up tools to see if your name is going to be free so you don't have to use the command-line look up.  Like I mentioned before you are going to have to register your name so if you go to a registrars' site and look up your name there, then once you find out its going to be free then you can go ahead and register the name on the spot.  Also, when you are trying to decide on a registrar you might look at the other services they provide (like Web hosting), this is a step you are going to have to pay for so you might as well get your moneys worth and get some other things thrown in as well.

Now that your domain name is registered the last step you need to accomplish is you need to point your name at your website.   In order to do this you need to use name servers, or DNS servers, to handle this process you will need two servers.  Now, your Web hosting company usually has DNS servers that you can use.  The registrar will enter these server names on the paperwork that is filled out during your registration process to make sure your domain name is pointed to the servers.  Now these DNS servers not only point your name to your website but they also point to your subdomains as well.  Things like mail servers and other services that you provide.  Now that you have gone through all these steps you have officially set up your domain name.

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